Use the economic forces, Luke

Economic forces making previous way of life less attractive

Increased rents and real estate prices

Diminishing opportunities for creative career fulfillment for older tech workers

The commute traffic

Economic forces which make a nomadic way of life more attractive

Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)

Telecommuting work opportunities

Airbnb allows more opportunity for travel or more semi-permanent rental

Uber and various ride rental systems replace the need for a car

Free or very cheap rent

Motorhome vehicle prices are relatively fixed nationwide and do not suffer the inflation of bay area real estate prices

Stronger US dollar vs. foreign currency (makes staying in other countries cheaper than staying in the Bay Area)

Other technological advances which make a tech nomad way of life possible

Cellular tethered wifi connection

Skype/Google Hangouts, github, cloud-based productivity tools

Solar power

Cheap gas/diesel due to fracking

Free Wifi at libraries, McDonald’s, and various other commercial places

Where we’re going we don’t need…

Overpriced San Francisco rents to earn a chance at a “unicorn” mobile/web startup run by 20-something hotshots with no previous history.

To be caught up in the inevitable bursting of the tech bubble once again.

To work super-long hours for no equity.

To study Big O notation so that I can pass programmer tests at a tech interview.

A lot of money since we’re reducing our expenses to match our income.

In place of all of that we have new experiences and gain so much more.

The luxury of time to spend with friends

Freedom of expression through self-motivated work projects

An adventurous, can-do spirit.

Learning and adaptability.

An open mind to new experiences and different cultures.

The ability to dictate how I live my life and spend my time rather than have all of those constraints dictated to me by responsibilities on whatever project I happen to be working on.

Financial freedom to lift a light anchor and drop it anywhere else in the world.

Bravery in trying to do something that could be considered throwing money away if I have the opportunity to make money, but decline to do so.


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