…a lot of things. But we do need roads.

Doc Brown came from the future, and now that future has come to us. And although Doc Brown had flying cars, Mr. Fusion and a world series winning Cubs team in his future, we in our future have a great many things that Doc Brown and his writers could not have envisioned. Those things have been thrust upon us so quickly that we have yet to process and adjust to the tidal wave of technological change.

Soon, will come the inevitable social change that stumbles behind technological change. No one really knows or plans the following social change. And so our society and culture meanders unplanned and unguided behind technological innovation like a drunken tech worker on Friday night stumbling towards the glow of his iPhone as Siri tries to guide him to his Uber ride.

One small social change is little ol’ me and what I’m now doing— wandering and existing as a tech nomad, roamin’ homeless, free-range programmer, cybergypsy, wifi surfer, or middle age crisis guy. Various changes have nudged me in that direction. Some forces are facilitating, others are powerful economic forces beyond my control. Let’s examine some of those forces which have nudged me in this direction. Will these forces affect others in the exact same way? I’m not sure, but I think it might because many of the forces are economic in nature.

I will touch on these subjects again here and there later and offer more tangible insights as they occur. But for those who are interested in this adventure or those who may inevitably follow due to social and economic forces of their own, this serves as a starting point of my assumptions and motivations. Things may not work out at planned, but that is why they call this sort of thing an “adventure”.

Join me on this adventure, and I will do my best to keep you entertained, informed, and thinking about your own life’s priorities and opportunities. I’m off to try new things and will report back here periodically with the results.


One thought on “2015 – Where we’re going we don’t need…

  1. Great. A friend once said that a true is never fun while it is happening. That may be going a little far but there is certainly an edge to new and challenging experience.
    Excited for your adventure! Come to Eau Claire, WI!


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