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  • Fox News Epiphany

    Fox News Epiphany

    I’ve come to an epiphany— The Fox News audience is a bonsai tree, and Fox News is this bonsai tree’s master. Fox News tenderly cultivates and nourishes its own audience for its own pleasure and profit. Fox News carefully prunes the bonsai tree (i.e. its audience) in order to extract the advertising dollars that grow… Read more

  • Story Engine first update 2021/04/21

    I’ve been working on this Story Engine in stealth mode for several years now. As it turns out, it’s much harder than writing a 3D graphics engine. Basically, a graphics engine has a solid foundation of math and science that is stable for one to build structure on top of. Instead, a story engine has… Read more

  • Trumpism is a Zero-Sum Culture

    A zero-sum culture believes that in order for it to win, some other culture or persons must lose. Its inherent view of the world is that of a strict binary of predator and prey. If you are not predator, then you must be prey. There is no middle-ground in this world-view. Thus, it is preferable… Read more

  • What Late Stage Capitalism Can’t Sell You

    I’ve heard the argument that free trade via a money supply allows the market to quickly signal through price of products what goods and services are needed. And this is true to an extent— for goods and services that are saleable and *can* be priced. But this leaves out a vast portion of our lives… Read more

  • Protected: Definitions for Dynamic Story-Telling

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read more

  • Today, you… tomorrow, me.

    Ok. Biden’s our guy, now. I know some of you don’t like that. That’s okay. And it’s okay to be hurt by that, and I’m sorry that this is the situation we’re faced with. But I want our guy to win. So that means I have to do something to help make that happen. But… Read more