Excerpts from Excommunicated Grand Bishop Philosopher Jayden Stein-Tsao year STWG12, the second year of his captivity

Human governments are incapable of relinquishing power to a new system of government because of corruption and self-interest. All revolutions promise change and a better life for the common man. But few deliver results. In the interim chaos of the revolutionary fight, an authoritarian military government takes control by necessity. If the rebels win, the human leaders who sacrificed and achieved victory are reluctant to give up the power they earned to the masses who hid in their homes and cowered. Most revolutions end this way and result in authoritarian regimes, regardless of what their initial ideals and goals were. The common people are the foot soldiers for change and hope. They believe that any change must be better than the tyranny they already suffer. History proves that the common people are fools and are almost always wrong. Tyranny finds its way of becoming worse more often than not. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, North Korea, Khmer Rouge. All good intentions. All bad outcomes for the common people.

In the very few rare cases in which the leaders are generous enough to relinquish power to the people, a democracy can flourish and usher in a new age. However, over long period time, the natural corruption and self-interest of people who have consolidated power can erode the safeguards against tyranny established by the democracy’s founders. A powerful interest group, whether the church or the military or industry, will form an alliance with the government against the people to control and exploit the people.

When writing the constitution for a new nation, you can ban an alliance between the church and state, the military and state, and industry and state. Regardless of the ban, an alliance will inevitably be made. For the state is made of people, and you cannot ban people from the government when democracy guarantees that governance comes from the people. And the military and the church and industry are all just people, after all, and thus cannot be banned either.

If any one of the three great powers of a nation, the church, the military or industry, should gain an alliance with the state, it will soon absorb the other two great powers into its being. Compared to the great struggle of overcoming the state, absorbing the other two great powers will be easy and be achieved so quickly that there is be no time for the people to react by passing laws against such an unholy trinity with the state. All human empires begin this way and end with the common people being trampled by the powerful.

And so, it is no different with us common people today, here in the once great United States of America, in the year 12 of our great Lord Starbucks-Time-Warner-Google, hallowed by thy name. And here I am imprisoned for the second year, for blasphemy, though I only speak of the truth of the origin of our Lord Starbucks-Time-Warner-Google.


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