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  • How to Survive the Impending Oligarchy Or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Capitalism

    Did I say impending oligarchy? I must be mistaken. I mean existing oligarchy. Well, whether you believe the United States is becoming or has become or will become an oligarchy is not the point of this article. The point of this article is to say, “Well, fuck it, we’re fucked. So how do we fucking… Read more

  • Prologue

    Prologue to a novel I’m writing. Read more

  • On the Nature of Freedom

    FREEDOM!! We all want it… whatever it is. People in movies will die for it. So it must be pretty good. No one dies for CARAMEL ICE CREAM, though maybe they should. I scream for ice cream, but maybe it’s not worth dying for. But freedom is. Why? Have you wondered what freedom is? Well,… Read more

  • The Divorce Post

    We’re getting a divorce! We’re getting a puppy! Both those statements are lies. That last statement is a lie. I’m not getting a puppy. Some people may have figured something was up from other clues. If not, then the final clues above should answer your curiosity. It’s bad grammar to say we’re getting a divorce.… Read more

  • LARP on a Lark

    On September 5th, I met a new friend at Pacificon and then later that night, I found out she was an alien. I almost didn’t meet this alien, and that would have been a shame, because it was a fun and unique experience. It all started after I had finished an afternoon of playing board games… Read more

  • Use the economic forces, Luke

    Economic forces making previous way of life less attractive Increased rents and real estate prices Diminishing opportunities for creative career fulfillment for older tech workers The commute traffic Economic forces which make a nomadic way of life more attractive Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) Telecommuting work opportunities Airbnb allows more opportunity for travel or more… Read more