Grid of Posts 3×2

  • Let’s Get Meta-Physical

    Lets Get MetaPhysical, Meta… Physical. Let me hear your body talk… literally hear your body because your mind must send signals to your nervous system to contract meat and make your meat parts vibrate which makes the air vibrate which makes tiny meat parts and bone parts in my ear vibrate which sends more electrical… Read more

  • What Figuratively Happened?

    Well, my last post was what literally and physically happened. Now, I’m going to explore some other things that happened, such as what figuratively, humoristically, and metaphysically happened? I’ll go through variations of these in a few upcoming posts. I hope that you find them interesting musings of a fractured, yet continually healing mind. I’m… Read more

  • What happened? Intracranial hemorrage

    Many of you know what happened to me. Many of you don’t. So, I thought I’d put this information all in one place so everyone can understand what’s happened to me. Feel free to “like” this post so that it propagates. Even in my brain-damaged state, I will understand that you are furthering the propagation… Read more

  • Today We are Lee Sedol

    We, the humans of this planet, now share this planet with an intelligence too great to understand. We are the second smartest thing on this planet and forever will be until we destroy ourselves or are destroyed by It, whatever shape It may take. For those of you who haven’t closely followed AI, you might… Read more

  • I Endorse Hillary Clinton Because She is the Shittiest Candidate

    I have this analogy when choosing a political candidate. If my toilet is broken, I’m going to hire a plumber. I’m going to hire someone who isn’t afraid to get dirty and deal with shit. Literally. I don’t care if that plumber is shit covered or smells like shit. I want the plumber that has tons… Read more

  • Donald Trump’s Inauguration

    I have this fantasy that Donald Trump somehow gets elected. In this fantasy, Trump gives this fantastic speech after being inaugurated. Here’s how it would go down. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Thank you! Thank you! CROWD: Trump! Trump! Trump! TRUMP! Please. My fellow citizens, please. I love that sound. The sound of my name. But you know… Read more