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  • America is a kakistocracy now, just like Atari Games was for a long time before its demise

    Frustrated, I always chanted a soothing mantra to myself, “They’ll collapse under the weight of their own incompetence.” And one day, they finally did. There was no joy and no vindication in the schadenfreude. They simply collapsed, as expected. What happened at Atari Games was kakistocracy. Long before I was hired there, some idiots came… Read more

  • America 2.0 – America's Greatest Test in 3 Generations 3/21/2020

    I’m becoming very very afraid for America. America is teetering precariously between two conflicting ideas— everyone for themselves, and we’re all in it together. It’s the latter spirit which helped win World War 2 and ushered in the golden age of Pax Americana of which we’re now at the tail end. But lately, the everyone-for-themselves… Read more

  • Dell Laptop Plugged in Not Charging

    Quick Solution – Blow into the DC adapter plug. There is a tiny pin inside the plug. If there is a hair or dust or debris in there, it may not make a good connection with the identification chip inside of the laptop. Read more

  • Taiwan’s humidity is too much for me 11/11/2017

    The humidity in Taiwan ruins it for me. It’s always warm and muggy in Taiwan. It’s true what they say. It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity. Even when it’s not really all that hot, maybe 78F, it still feels hot in Taiwan. That’s the humidity doing that. When it’s very humid, your body can’t… Read more

  • The Real Reason We Lost Our Jobs to Robots

    The Real Reason We Lost Our Jobs to Robots

    The real reason we lost our jobs to robots is because our educational system trains our children to be parts of an 18th century world wide computer system that no longer exists. This is why children in the 21st century still have nonsensical rules like “you can’t use a calculator on your math test” with… Read more

  • Thanks,Obama

    Thanks, Obama. Read more